Coaching and Workshops

Corporate Rest or meditation workshops

If you would like to see rest advocated for in the workplace or meditation sessions bought in for well-being weeks, get in touch.

We love to work with companies to help bring sustained well-being change. The rest coaching can affect how yearly reviews and one-to-one check-in are approached by teams.

We will work with your company to create the right session for your workplace.


Re-discover Rest 1-1 session

Re-discover Rest is a one-to-one course coaching course run over two sessions.

Over two sessions, we will introduce you to different rest types, helping you explore what rest replenishes you the most. We will also be unpacking realistic rhythms of rest and how to communicate boundaries around this topic.

If you are interested in finding out more. Please get in contact.

Workshops in your Community

Giving space for reflection not only helps us live
more authentically, it also helps us make clearer
decisions in line with our core values and
develop emotional resilience.

If you’re interested in having a reflective meditation or rest
workshop hosted in your local community
please send in an enquiry by clicking the get in touch button below.

What my clients say

Naomi Denniss - Kohler Mira

I have no hesitation in recommending Reflect and Refocus for the amazing meditation work they have done for our company, Kohler Mira. Ruth was so professional; she took the time to understand our business and then formulated meditation sessions that were the perfect addition to our wellbeing initiative. The sessions were attended by all levels of employees, including our executive team. The sessions were so oversubscribed that we simply had to invite her back the following year!

Leah Philbrick - Church in Wales, The Living Room

We had a wonderful series of Advent Meditations with Ruth from Reflect and Refocus. Everyone really valued an opportunity to be still and to rest in such a busy time of year. Ruth used words from scripture to lead us in a thoughtful meditation on the Fruits of the Spirit. We left centred and encouraged as we returned to ‘daily life’. It was like breathing deep with our souls and finding a deeper source of peace.

Dr Alyson Smith Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Psychology Lead. Inclusion, Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Ruth has presented at our NHS conferences and provided workshops at our away days on several occasions. Her workshops were very well received and had a deep and lasting impact on my colleagues’ approach to their professional practice and self-care outside of work. Several years on and we are still actively talking about these ideas. Following on from her influence, our recovery college now offers a workshop on this topic and the NHS trust has information on ways to rest as part of its staff well-being offer. One colleague later told me she “hated” the idea of this workshop in advance and surprised herself by how helpful and engaging she found it. The minute she got home, she ordered all the books recommended by Ruth. In addition to self-help, she has turned the learning into resources for our clients to support them in their journey to richer rest.